Bayanihan sa Panahon ng Pangangailangan: Ganito Magtulungan ang mga Pilipino

This is how Filipinos respond to their fellow countrymen’s needs.

Taal’s initial eruption and ashfall has left many towns and municipalities devastated. People have no choice but to leave their houses behind and live in makeshift tents in different evacuation camps. Cars, houses, farms, and even forests have been covered in deadly, hot ash, leaving tourist spots no longer available for visitation. It has not only destroyed the lives of many, but  even the economy of each and every city it has rammed through has been devastated as well. It will definitely take months (if not years) for the people to get back on their feet.

Taal Eruption Aftermath Shows That ‘Bayanihan’ Is Still Alive in the Philippines | Photo Analy Labor

Photo via Riders Philippine

While the government is doing everything they can, many citizens have offered their hands, money, and food to help evacuees. Certain groups have also helped as well, by giving food and shelter to those in dire need. Manila water has helped in providing the evacuees with water, which they need to survive their daily lives. UNTV, DSWD, and even police forces across the nation held hands in rescuing and providing for the people.

In times when Filipinos are often accused of having crab mentality (pulling each other down), seeing them help each other is truly a rewarding sight. Even ordinary netizens who live across the country do their best by sending donations and items that are heavily needed in the affected areas. Bayanihan refers to a group or a community coming together and helping one another to achieve a common, greater goal. It promotes a culture of of collaboration and empowerment of every individual through teamwork, innovation and action. It is great to know that we still got it! Hopefully, more people will join in and help each other!

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