Mga Abo Mula sa Ashfall ng Taal, Ginawang Bricks ng Alkalde ng Biñan

Hopefully, more people follow suit.

Taal’s sudden eruption has caused so much damage and devastation to Batangas and neighboring towns, as 100 meters high ash columns burst into the air, ultimately falling and covering cities and towns with deadly ash. Face masks are slowly selling out, while more and more people are falling sick from the ash fall. Streets, cars, and even houses have been covering in the hot ash, burning trees and plants in its way. As days pass, the ash is thickening and getting harder to get rid of. What are we to do with the ash?

Biñan City Mayor Arman Dimaguila says Ashfall Bricks! “Ashfall to bricks!! “Kaya kailangan nating isako ang mga ito at hindi makabara sa ating mga canal,” says the City Mayor on his Facebook post. “Ang naging instruction ni mayor, huwag basain ang mga alikabok, kolektahin at ilagay sa sako,” Fatima Alon, a local government officer in Biñan said. (Mayor Dimaguila instructed the residents not to pour water on the ash, to collect them, and then put them in sacks.)

After people read the post, sacks of ash have been coming in to be processed into bricks. Netizens are hoping that these bricks are to be used in restoring damaged and destroyed houses to help those affected by the calamity brought by Taal.


Volcanic ash is not your typical dust from soil or ash from burned materials, according to the US Geological Survey, as it consists of tiny jagged particles of rock and natural glass blasted into the air. Handling the ash with bare hands is not recommended as it may be harmful to the body. So for those who intend to do the same, please handle the ash using proper equipment. Watch how the bricks are made below:

Posted by Mayor Arman Dimaguila on Monday, 13 January 2020

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