Taal Evacuees Poke Fun at Clothes They Received from Donations

Filipinos are naturally happy people.

Dinaan sa Katatawanan ng mga Evacuees ang Pagsusukat ng mga Donated na Damit

Thousands have fled their homes in fear of Taal’s eruption getting worse as days pass. Some lost their ways of living, while others literally lost their lives. Crops, forests, and even animals have suffered in the devastation of the land after heavy, deadly ashfall. Taal has truly destroyed the lives of many. In the face of these setbacks, some people seem to fall apart, while others find ways to move forward and continue to get things done. Are there things you can do to be resilient?

History shows that Pinoys generally attribute their happiness to two reasons: Food and faith. “Food is very important to Filipinos. It’s ingrained in the Filipino psychology where having food on the table is equated to survival. Thankfully, all the evacuees are well-fed, thanks to the government and a ton of people helping and doing whatever they can. One problem evacuees are facing is the lack of clothes. As most of them fled their homes in a rush, they only took important items like papers, money, and jewelry. And as days pass, clothes get soiled, and some are forced to use the same clothes over and over.

Netizens and locals immediately took action and sent clothes to the evacuees. There was a variety of clothes sent, including uniforms, dresses, and even formal clothes. Men can be seen wearing dresses, while other people can be seen wearing Jollibee and security guard uniforms. Check more photos below:

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