Fast Food Employee Helps Out Homeless Old Man and Serves Him Food For Free

Apparently, the good Samaritan is looking for his parents, and hoping that netizens would be able to help him.

In many countries across the globe, people can be seen begging for money or food just to survive for the day. Unfortunately, most people ignore them, leaving them to die in the streets. Ultimately, these people get desperate. At times, some would even steal from others, while some resort to different forms of crime. But with the help of a few selfless people, they continue to live–no matter how hard life is.

Waiter sa Isang Fast Food Inulan ng Papuri Matapos Pakainin ang Isang Matandang Namamalimos

Netizens are now lauding a fast food crew for helping an old man–even when he never asked for it.

Rebadulla, the Facebook post’s author, said that he saw an old man outside the store. The man had dirty clothes, and was  obviously homeless. It was then when Rebadulla saw a crew member approaching the old man. “Narinig ko tinanong niya ‘yung matanda, ‘Kumain na po ba kayo?’” Rebadulla said on his post. “Napalingon ako sa likod then papasok na si crew then in a loud voice sabi niya pa-advance ng PM 1.”

“But as we all know, hindi lahat ng store management/crew agree magpapasok ng customer basta-basta lalo na kung may hygiene issue, marungis kasi si tatay,” Rebadulla said, as he explained how curious he was as to what the other crew would do. “So inobserve ko ‘yung magiging reaction ng mga kasama niya, cashier, ‘yung iba ring crew etc… then ora mismo hindi na inabot ng 30 seconds, may meal na agad para sa matanda.”

“Such thing doesn’t happen all day… so I felt that moment, this guy, along with his colleagues, deserve to be recognized,” Rebadulla added.

The employee was identified as Christian Bacus, who is now currently looking for his parents. Bacus is hoping that he would be able to find his parents after his story went viral.

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