Babae, Nagbawas ng Timbang Matapos Sabihan na Hindi na Siya Papayat Pa

If she can do it, everybody else can do it too!

Girl Goes from Chubby to Fit After Classmates Said She Would Never Lose Weight

Losing weight has always been a challenge for many people. With their busy lives, not many people can afford to go to the gym before or after an entire shift at work. At the same time, having affordable food available in almost every corner of the world, going on a diet is never an easy task for many. In addition to that, there are people born with health problems, ultimately preventing them from losing weight and getting fit. However, everything is possible with effort, determination, and of course–discipline.

While most people would give up on the first week or month, this girl decided to go through with it until she made a significant difference in her body. Not only did she lose weight and got fit, she also had a better “glow”, making her look younger and more beautiful. Unfortunately, she did not disclose how she exactly lost weight, leaving many netizens wondering how she did it. In one comment, she claims that “stress” has lead her to lose weight and be what she is now!

So, how do we lose weight exactly? It is very easy if you just learn how to discipline yourself. Try these steps out:

-Eat a high-protein breakfast
-Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice
-Drink water a half hour before meals
-Choose weight loss-friendly foods
-Eat soluble fiber
-Drink coffee or tea
-Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods
-Eat your food slowly

Start now, and see results soon!

Bea Kon

January 19th, 2020

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