Adorable Grandpa Takes Time to Thank Every Single One of His Subscribers on YouTube

He now has 4.93 million subscribers!

Nowadays, people on YouTube are said to make the most income every month from viewers and subscribers. However, making money through making videos isn’t easy for some. They would have to have fresh content every time, editing skills, wit, and yes–subscribers. So, how do streamers and vloggers actually get subscribers? As seen in many YouTube videos, vloggers would ask people to “please subscribe,” usually promising to give more unique and better content every time. With this at hand, vloggers earn from the views they get. The more views and ads linked to their video, the more they make money.

To thank their viewers, all vloggers, YouTubers, and streamers often give gifts and raffle out giveaways to their subscribers. With this at hand, they are able to give their viewers credit, and possibly increase the number of people subscribing to their channel. For one man, his subscribers increased tenfold after he decided to do something more “personal” for his fans. Instead of giving away items and prizes, he decided to thank them one-by-one!

Nilson Izaias Papinho shares everything he does on YouTube, from making “slime”, to his gardening skills. Apparently, he loves planting fruits and flowers in his own backyard, and shows his subscribers how he does it. When he reached more than a thousand subscribers, Nilson decided to thank every each  one of his subscribers–all 1,800 of them–and by name! According to him, a lot of viewers’ comments touched his heart and even made him cry. He wrote their names on a notebook and thanked them one by one!

He won’t be able to thank his 4.93 million subscribers now, but one thing is for sure: he got more subscribers because he’s simply adorable!

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