Mayor Isko Moreno, Magpapatayo ng mga ‘Tondominiums’ Para sa mga Informal Settlers

He already has a 3,000 sqm lot ready for a buillding.

Mayor Fransisco “Isko” Moreno has done a lot of development for the City of Manila and people, even those of higher office, commend him for his great and selfless work. Though there have been some bad feedback from certain groups, the Mayor continues to show good intentions for the future. Manila has been a great tourist magnet despite the traffic and heat that comes with it. There are tons of historical sites and tourist spots that many foreigners love to go to, boosting the economy of the city. Unfortunately, there are places where people have illegally built houses, causing garbage to pile up, and the number of crimes  in certain areas have risen.

To address the problem, and at the same time improve Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno intends to build a ‘Tondominium’ that will soon house informal settlers and remove them from their now toxic environment. According to the Mayor, each house with have a decent 47 sqm floor area, which is more than enough for a family to live in peacefully, without worrying about being kicked out of their land.

“We’re going to build Tondominium 1, Tondominium 2. We’re going to utilize whatever space that we have. Noong araw pag sinabi mong Tondominium patung-patong lang ‘yung bahay. The way it is being perceived can be utilized in our advantage,” the mayor said in an interview.

Many Tondo residents are excited about the project, giving them a glimmer of hope, praying that this project would soon help them improve their lives. While residents are happy about it, certain groups are criticizing Moreno for going against his word of “preserving Manila” by doing so many industrial developments. Watch Moreno’s interview below:

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