‘Sana Masakyan Kita’: Umalma ang mga Netizens Nang Sabihin ni Joey De Leon Ito sa Contestant na Flight Attendant

The contestant obviously felt awkward when Joey De Leon approached her after that remark.

Filipino netizens are no longer surprised when Eat Bulaga! host Joey de Leon makes sexist remarks on national telivison. His jokes have drawn flak and disgust, that seeing or hearing him say things like these isn’t new anymore. However, his latest “joke” has netizens calling him out on social media, asking for an apology–or better yet–to actually leave the show. Since Eat Bulaga! is a variety show meant for people of all ages, netizens believe that his jokes and remarks might just influence a lot of young viewers.

On their episode of “Bawal ang Judgemental” on January 7, he told a female contestant, “Sana masakyan kita balang araw (I wish i could ride¬†you someday),” as a joke. Apparently, the female contestant was a flight attendant, and his joke was full of sexual innuendo. Though netizens are already used to Joey’s style of joking, many netizens were still disappointed and disgusted towards the actor/TV host.


“When will Joey de Leon realize his humor isn’t entertaining nor appropriate on TV and anywhere else,” one netizen said on Twitter. Many netizens agreed with her, saying that Eat Bulaga! should no longer tolerate this kind of behavior from the comedian. The Eat Bulaga! host is yet to comment on the issue.

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