Jelai Andres at Jon Gutierrez Rumored to be Back Together after ‘Date’ on Valentines Day

The couple were internet celebrities before being TV personalities

Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez, also known as #TeamJolai to their fans, got married back in 2018. Hpwever, they parted ways after Jelai posted an emotional video accusing Jon of cheating on her with Toni Fowler, another social media star. The video caused a scandal that would mark their breakup and the neverending criticism for both Jon and Toni by TeamJolai fans and netizens.

Although Jon never commented on the issue, he did make a music video pleading to Jelai for forgiveness. While fans were hoping that their favorite couple get back together, Jelai showed no intention to get back with Jon, especially when Toni replied to the issue with a video, which went viral as well.

Photo Jelai Andres | Jelai at Jon, Pinakilig ang mga TeamJolai Fans Matapos Mag-Date Noong Valentines

But unknown to the public, Jon Gutierrez, one of the members of the hip-hop group Ex Battalion, best known for their viral hit “Hayaan Mo Sila,” has been making moves to get Jelai back. As seen in his recent vlog, he was hoping that Jelai would go on a date with him on Valentines, and netizens were on their toes as they waited for Jelai’s reply. After a few days of hard thinking twice, Jelai finally answered and agreed to meet up with Jon for a meal, but reiterated that it wasn’t a date.

As soon as Jelai got to Jon’s home, the latter came out with a bouquet of flowers, dressed in his best suit and even had his hair done. On the other hand, Jelai simply wore a shirt, a pair of shorts, and a beanie to match her outfit. She joked about Jon being “overdressed”, prompting Jon to offer to change his clothes before they go. But before he could open the car door, Jelai complained and told him not to change anymore as it would take more time. Are you excited for their date? Watch the full vlog below:

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February 22nd, 2020

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