Lalake, Namatay Matapos Manalo sa Isang ‘Drinking Challenge’

Know when to stop.

The drinking culture in the Philippines is quite different from other countries. For many Filipinos, the best way to “bond” is by drinking alcohol, which is usually accompanied by games and singing. “Inuman”, as what the Filipinos would call it – has always been a staple to every celebration. May it be in a birthday party, a fiesta, or just a simple get-together, the Filipinos would always find a reason to gather around a small table, buy cases and cases of beer, and just chat the night away. It is fun, yes, but everything that is excessive is always bad.

Man Warns Netizens After His Friend Dies Of Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol poisoning is a serious — and sometimes deadly — consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Drinking too much too quickly can affect your breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially lead to a coma and death. Unfortunately for some people, learning the consequences of drinking too much can already be too late.

Facebook user Ice Ignacio warns netizens of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol after his friend died of alcohol intoxication. According to Ice, his friend “won” in a drinking challenge which involved money, but had his life to pay the price. Many netizens were shocked and saddened by the post, tagging their friends and family who love to drink.

So, when do you know when to stop? Quit while you are ahead! Here are the six stages of alcohol intoxication:

-Difficulty concentrating, talkative, lowered inhibitions, brighter color in the face, fine motor skills are lacking

-Senses are dulled, poor coordination, drowsy, beginnings of erratic behavior, slow reaction time, impaired judgment

-Exaggerated emotions, difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, pain is dulled

-Cannot stand or walk, vomiting, unconsciousness is possible, decreased response to stimuli, apathetic

-Unconscious, low body temperature, possible death, shallow breathing, slow pulse

-Death as a result of respiratory arrest

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