LOOK: Starbucks X Stojo Collapsible Cups Will Be Available In Manila

Coffee lovers, by now you probably have a huge collection of Starbucks tumblers from these cool-color changing cups to these reusable cups with a festive design. Certainly, you cannot fit that all in your bag on a daily basis, but now they have something you can: Starbucks collaborated with a U.S. brand-based Stojo to come up with collapsible cups! Say hello to the Starbucks x Stojo Collection!

The collection showcases three reusable cups with a sleek, minimalist designs featuring the world’s famous Starbucks logo on the center. Each cup is made from malleable material that can be collapsed into a leak-proof disk that can easily fit into a purse or maybe even your pocket. With this, you can carry it with you early in the morning for a jog and toss it in your bag once you’re done! Also, you can easily whip it out whenever you need a drink and there is no need to waste a single-use plastic cup. It also comes in three pretty colors: Carbon, Sage, and Peony.

Check them out:

Starbucks x Stojo in Peony (P1,250) PHOTO BY STARBUCKS PHILIPPINES

Starbucks x Stojo in Sage (P1,250) PHOTO BY STARBUCKS PHILIPPINES

Starbucks x Stojo in Carbon (P1,250) PHOTO BY STARBUCKS PHILIPPINES

In case you were wondering how it would look like when collapsed, it looks like this:

You can toss it in your everyday bag and it will not take up too much space! PHOTO BY STOJO

The Starbucks X Stojo Collection will be available starting December 13, 2019.


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