Lalaki, Umakyat Upang ‘Silipin’ Ang Crater ng Bulkang Taal

They actually went to check out Taal’s crater!

While thousands have left their homes in Bulacan and neighboring towns following Taal’s eruption, a few people refused to leave, believing that the volcano is now “cooling down”, and won’t erupt anytime soon. Though authorities and PHIVOLCS have been warning people to “stay away” as farther as possible from the volcano, long-time residents believe that the area is already safe and won’t pose anymore danger. Everyone living within 14km (7 miles) of the volcano has been ordered to leave, with the disaster agency saying some 38,200 people had beenĀ  evacuated, although local officials complained some residents were complicating the effort by staying put. As a matter of fact, many have already ventured into the most dangerous parts of the said volcano.

Man Draws Flak After Going Up to Taal’s Crater to Record Dangerous Video

One man decided to go into Taal’s smoking caldera, hoping to show netizens what Taal looks like now. The man soon drew flak from netizens, who criticized him for his unjustifiable actions. According to many, he did not just endanger himself, but including the person with him at that time. In addition to that, a few people just might lose their jobs over the video!

The man, only identified as the “Taal Volcano Volunteer” on YouTube, explained the different between Taal a few days ago, compared to what Taal is now after the eruption. Though the man knew that the yellowish deposits on the sides of the caldera were sulphur crystals, they continued to venture deeper into the area. For those who do not know, the ‘smoke’ you see billowing out of a volcano is actually a mix of mostly water vapor, carbon dioxide, and sulfur gases (and ash, during an eruption and depending on the volcano). The yellow deposits on the rocks are sulfur crystals derived from the sulfurous gases. These gases are incredibly dangerous to the health, especially when inhaled.

Towards the end of the video, viewers can hear the man wheezing, and was obviously short on breath. However, some netizens believe that he was just “hired” by the people who were making the documentary, and that the man on the video had no ulterior intention.

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