Marcelito Pomoy, Ginulat ang mga Hurado sa America’s Got Talent sa Kakaibang Pagkanta

The judges, including Simon Cowell, were all in awe and shock as the audience cheered for the “golden buzzer”.

Marcelito Pomoy Shocks Judges at ‘America’s Got Talent’ With His ‘Two Voices’

Back in 2011, Marcelito Pomoy won Pilipinas Got Talent after performing a mind-blowing rendition of “The Prayer” by Josh Groban and Celine Dion. What made him unique is that he sang both male and female parts distinctly! Filipinos, who naturally love music, were amazed by how he executed the song perfectly. You would actually think there are two people singing when you close your eyes!

Photo America’s Got Talent

After winning Pilipinas Got Talent, Marcelito faded from fame and married Joan Paraiso of Calauag, Quezon, and they have one daughter, Marcella Janiah. He hasn’t been doing many shows and gigs, as he improved his life as a family man. For many Filipinos, Marcelito has been one of the best contestants of PGT of all time, and that is one thing no one can take away from him. But for Marcelito, it is now time to jump back into the limelight, with a bigger voice, and a better life.

Marcelito recently joined ‘America’s Got Talent’ and left everyone in shock and awe. As he started to sing The Prayer, judges couldn’t believe Celine Dion’s voice was coming out of a man! As his wife cried in the backstage, the audience began to rise in ovation. The judges, including Simon Cowell, could only watch in shock, mouth agape. It was indeed a masterpiece!

Photo America’s Got Talent

The audience was cheering for a golden buzzer, but AGT judge Howard Michael Mandel said that as much as he wants to press the Golden Buzzer, it is still too early in the day and he wanted to see others perform first. Hopefully, Marcelito gets voted on by the masses. Goodluck, Marcelito!

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January 14th, 2020

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