Michael Pacquiao Responds to Critics: ‘I Have Talent and I Have Something’

“I wanted to prove that I can. I have talent and I have something.” – Michael Pacquiao

After his father fought in the arena for years and garnered international fame, Manny Pacquiao’s son Michael is now making a name for himself.  People began to recognize his talent in rapping after he was featured in Michael Bars’ song “Pac-Man”, which immediately went viral on social media.  Netizens praised the young Pacquiao for his talent, but there are still detractors who believe he isn’t actually good and just got famous because of his father. One detractor, upcoming RnB artist Jason Dhakal, has made his opinion public on social media.

“People would say, it has to do with my last name. But, you know, I understand naman,” Michael said in an interview by PEP.ph.

“But at the same time, it’s, like, I work hard to achieve what I am.”

But as more and more people are calling him out for using his father’s name, more and more fans are tuning into his music. As a matter of fact, his latest hit single has reached a whopping 9.22 million views as of this article’s writing.

According to Michael, his parents are proud of him as well, and told him to simply ignore his “haters”. “They’re really proud. They’re happy. They congratulated me. It’s really surprising how in a few days, it already reached millions,” Michael said.

Many of Michael’s haters claim that he it isn’t his talent, but his father’s name that has given him the fame he is enjoying right now. Detractors also claim that the only reason why he is being “prioritized” as an artist is because of his last name.

However, Michael continues to prove critics that he is in fact talented, whether or not he is the son of Manny Pacquiao. “That’s how I felt in the song. I wanted to prove that I can. I have talent and I have something. I don’t just rely on my parents,” Michael said, pertaining to his latest single “Hate”.

Michael has a debut album set for release.

Bea Kon

August 15th, 2020

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