Ina, napaiyak Nang Makitang Muli ang Yumaong Anak sa Pamamagitan ng ‘Virtual Reality’

If given a chance to meet someone you’ve lost, would you do anything to see them one more time?

The hardest part about losing loved ones is moving on. It isn’t easy adjusting to a life without people you are used to spend time with, eat with, and sleep with. For some, it even takes years before they can totally move on from the loss and it can be emotionally and mentally hard for them during that time. What if you can meet one deceased loved one even just for a few moments, would you do anything to do so?

Mother Bursts Into Tears after Seeing Her Deceased Daughter Through Virtual Reality Show

Photo MBClife

For South Korean mother Ji-Sung, meeting her daughter once again is something she always wanted. Apparently, her 7-year-old daughter had passed away in 2017 from haemochromatosis, and she misses her little one dearly. Thanks to a show called “Meeting You”, Ji-Sung might be able to see and be with her daughter once again–through virtual reality.

Photo MBClife

The documentary, which was released by South Korean network MBC, showed how the grieving mother was given a chance to meet her daughter once again, without the latter being physically there. The show’s producers say that it took them 8 months before they could actually start the documentary. They worked with a child actor for Ji-Sung’s daughter, Nayeon, as a model for motion capture technology. In addition to that, the show’s team worked hard to be able to actually reproduce the young child’s voice. To make the reunion more memorable, the producers also reproduced the mother-and-child’s favorite go-to park.

When Ji-Sung finally got to meet Nayeon, the first thing the latter says is, “Mom, where have you been? Did you think of me? I miss you a lot, mom.”

Upon hearing her daughter’s voice, Ji-Sung breaks into tears. Viewers and the production crew break into tears after seeing the touching reunion. Towards the end of the video, Nayeon sleeps in bed as she bids her mom farewell. She later then turns into a butterfly and flies away. Watch the video below:

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