Nadine Lustre, Nanakawan ng Cellphone sa Brazil

She didn’t give details about the incident.

Tourists are often warned of the crime rate, as robbers and thieves are everywhere. But what many don’t know is that crime is unavoidable in every part of the world, including countries that are known for their boosted tourism. Brazil is one country that many people dream of going to. Brazil is the largest country in South America, and boosts beautiful beaches, and the festivals often attractvisitors. However, Brazil is also known for its lawlessness, wherein criminals lurk in every corner.

@Nadine Lustre

Over the weekend, Reid posted on Instagram Stories a clip of Lustre in Rio de Janeiro, where the two are reportedly shooting a fashion  editorial for lifestyle magazine Mega. Despite rumors of breaking up, the couple showed off on social media how they are still together–and happy at that. However, their fun was cut short when Nadine noticed that here phone was gone. Apparently, it has been stolen while they were enjoying time out. “New fone who dis? Legit tho, cuz my phone got stolen yesterday hah,” she said on her Insta post.

@Nadine Lustre

Though she didn’t give complete details about the theft, netizens believe that the 26-year-old lost her phone while in Brazil with on-screen partner and real-life boyfriend, James Reid. “Thank god for the [cloud emoji],” she said in a subsequent update, likely referring to cloud storage that allows for a seamless transfer of content from one device to another.

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January 17th, 2020

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