Newest Filipino Netflix Film: ‘Dead Kids’ Will Keep You Hooked Until The End

Birdshot (2016) by Mikhail Red was the very first Filipino film to stream on the Netflix platform. This year, Red takes another step with his newest film “Dead Kids” and premiered last November 17, 2019 as the closing film of the latest Cinema One Originals film festival.

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The title “Dead Kids” refer to those unpopular kids in school, those who do not exist to some of the students. The film refers to a gang of kids: the serious one Blanco, the humorous Paolo, the Chinese vaping-nerd Yu, and their newest recruit and poor scholar Mark Sta. Ana. Tired of being bullied by the most popular kid in school Chuck Santos, the boys conspire together to plan a kidnapping on the bully, and demand a large ransom from his father who is a drug lord. Once their horrible plan gets going, they soon realize how their life has turned upside down.

While these could be entertaining for some young people, for parents they portray disturbing scenes of what they do not see every time they drop off their kids every morning. We have seen these images before — the bullies, the mean girls, the nerds, the dance clubs. Nevertheless, this story took things further to a wrong and violent turn which made it more disturbing for everyone.

Photo Youtube Netflix

Let’s admit it, the actors may seem older than the characters should be (senior high school students), but they went on full character with their respective roles. They acted all natural in their portrayal of young rebels. Vance Larena looked notorious with his big deadly eyes which reflected the issues scrambled around Blanco’s head. Khalil Ramos was 100% effective at being the annoying jerk that Paolo should be, to the point that you would want to shut that noisy mouth of his yourself. New actor Kelvin Miranda managed to pull it off as the misfit individual required of the main character Mark very well.

Among the girls, Sue Ramirez was outstanding, but her character which is smart girl Janina, was totally sidelined in the film. Meanwhile, it was more of Gabby Padilla who was Paolo’s nosy girlfriend Yssa that got into the action.

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