Mga Lokal na Rapper, Nag-Freestyle sa Mismong Burol ng Kanilang Yumaong Kaibigan

He is definitely listening to you guys!

Chances are that you, like many other people, have that one close friend, or a group of friends you love to talk to and be around with. There is also that kind of closeness when you just feel like calling them if you needed someone to vent to, or just show up at their house and immediately feel comfortable there. That is bond, sometimes even stronger than that of your siblings and yourself. The best part about having close friends is that you can just be yourself without being judged or criticized. They’re the people who can make the good times better and the hard times easier to live with–and losing them can be the worst part of your life.

People remember the lives of friends they lose in different ways. While other people simply offer masses and/or start a fundraising in memory of their friend, this group of friends decided to “perform” for their friend who recently passed away. When Ayie Villamor passed away, many were saddened–especially his friends. The self-made local rapper has touched the lives of many in their community that when he left this world, many wanted to express how they felt. How? By performing during his wake.

A group of Ayie’s friends decided to freestyle during his wake, in the presence of his family and other friends. Apparently, he was an aspiring rapper, and had many people sharing the same dream as his. Sadly, the lyricist passed away early, leaving his dream and friends behind. Many netizens were touched by the performance as more and more people share the video on social media. Watch the video below:

Posted by Sabina Mariano Isip on Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Honor the role of friendship in your life. And know that at the end of the day, your life is richer — your history is richer — because of your friendships, and because you have it in you to be a friend.

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