Season 4 Of Money Heist Confirmed Release This 2020

La Casa De Papel “Money Heist” Season 4 – Photo from Netflix

Money Heist, or also known as La Casa De Papel, is returning to Netflix for Season 4 this April 3rd of 2020. The Spanish series is among the most popular title on Netflix and here is what we know about La Casa De Papel and when it will be on Netflix.

The renewal came along before Season 3 was even aired and came a bit out of surprise given that Alex Pina is working on another Netflix Original series which is due to be out in 2020. Alex Pina is a name that you will be used to seeing on Netflix for many years to come as he signed last year an exclusive deal with the online streaming website.

Quick note: technically, Netflix describes each season as a part. Hence, we will refer Season 4 to Part 4.

Money Heist became a huge success after Netflix chose to air it internationally. The first 2 seasons was aired in Spain just before becoming an official Netflix Originals for Season 3. Money Heist’s Part 3 is due to on July 19th of 2019 on Netflix.

A week after Season 4 of Money Heist was released, Netflix has revealed statistics of the series and it is quite impressive. Over 34 million of the world have tuned in to watch the series.

Since Season 3 of Money Heist was already released, they have added more runtime to one of the episodes. That is because on the first edit, the team behind the series removed a segment featuring the football legend Neymar.

The famous writer Stephen King also requested for a Part 4 with the official Twitter account responding to as follows:

Screenshot from Twitter / @lacasadepapel

When will Season 4 of Money Heist release on Netflix?

The great news here is that Alex Pina confirmed of the filming and production of Part 3 was already wrapped up in earlier 2018.

On an interview with Cadena 3, we were convinced to believe that Part 4 of Money Heist would be on Netflix this January 2020.

Nevertheless, we already know that Part 4 of Money Heist will be coming to Netflix globally on on April 3rd of 2020.

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