‘People’s Park in the Sky’ sa Tagaytay, Natakpan ng Abo Mula sa Bulkang Taal

The park was previously converted from an incomplete mansion, known as the palace in the sky.

As the Taal Volcano continues to spew fire and mud, its ash is slowly covering the area surround it, including the neighboring towns. People have fled and are now seeking shelter in many evacuation centers, where other people are helping by donating food, clothes and money. It is still unclear, but many believe that it will take weeks to months for these families to be able to return to their homes–if Taal doesn’t continue to enrage.

Many towns are now covered in ash, as the Taal spews ash hundreds of meters up in the sky. Taal is showing a “fast escalation” in volcanic activity and could erupt lava within weeks. Surrounding municipalities, including Tagaytay, has been severely affected by the ash fall, leaving cars, houses, and even people covered in ash. People could only watch from Tagaytay, Philippines, as  plumes of smoke and ash rise from Taal Volcano.

One particular tourist destination in Tagaytay, the ‘People’s Park in the Sky’ has been greatly affected, with ash burning through plants and covering its entirety. The People’s Park in the Sky, often simply called People’s Park and originally named palace in the sky, is a historical urban park in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines.

After the post’s author, Jerome, posted the photos on social media, netizens immediately reacted as it looked completely different from a few days prior to the eruption. “Lahat kulay abo,” says Jerome on his post. Netizens couldn’t believe it was the same park they visited a weeks ago, claiming it looked abandoned and dead. Locals and netizens alike are hoping to help in restoring the park after Taal calms down–hopefully, soon.

*One of the world’s smallest volcanoes, Taal is among two dozen active volcanoes in the Philippines, which lies along the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a seismically active region prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Source Jerome Austria Abuan

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