Traffic in a Standstill as a Flock of Ducks Cross the Streets in Dozens

Maybe we should start hiring ducks as traffic enforcers.

Tailgating, stress, and heavy traffic are just a few situations that could tick of any motorist. These situations often cause road rage, accidents, and even catastrophic pile ups. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of motorists who don’t follow traffic rules, and more and more accidents happen by the hour. But while traffic lights couldn’t make some motorists stop, a flock of ducks was able to stop traffic into a standstill as they crossed the road for a good few minutes.

In many provinces across the world, traffic can be caused by a few vehicles, or yes–animals. Whether it be cows or other cattle, seeing animals cross roads in herds is not a very uncommon sight in many parts of the world, which also almost always manages to hold traffic up. In one similar strain, a video of a flock of ducks which were crossing a busy road in the Philippines and held up traffic owing to their mass movement. In the video, the group of ducks can be seen forming an almost orderly queue and waddling their way across the road. Motorists could only stop and wait until the entire group crossed.

The author and his group were amazed by how the ducks waddled they way through without separating from the group or wandering off. It seemed as if they were trained! Towards the end of the flock’s tail, a large goose can be seen “guiding” the ducks towards the other side of the road, which made the group look more adorable! Watch the video below:

Just wanna share this experience, we have encountered the cutest pedestrians and guess what there is an Alpha which makes sure no one is left behind. ❤

Posted by Christian Irvin Arteta Bautista on Monday, 30 December 2019

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