Maaring Makakuha ng 300% Sweldo sa Araw na Ito sa Abril

Get more details from the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) 2010 handbook.

What motivates employees to work harder? Rewards. In simple terms, this means that employers are better served to focus on rewarding employees for their actions rather than threatening punishment if they want to motivate them. Promising rewards for specific actions triggers the “go” response that gets people to act in order to receive the words. This is one reason why employees love to go to work on holidays, instead of staying at home doing nothing. Why? Double pay!

As the name itself explains, double-time pay is a pay rate twice an employee’s normal base pay rate. Employees may receive double-time pay on any of the holidays and certain local holidays if a work contract between employer and employee obligates the payment. Good news for hard workers in the Philippines: there is a triple-pay holiday on April 9, and everyone should be entitled to getting their extra cash! Moreover, employees whose day off falls on April 9 and are required to report to work on that day would receive 390% pay.

Photo National Wages and Productivity Commission

“If you report to work, you are entitled to 300% of your daily wage rate,” NWPC said. Apparently, two different holidays fall on the same date: Araw ng Kagitingan and Maundy Thursday.

Employees who are assigned on the night shift on April 9 will receive 330% and those who would hold overtime during the double holiday will get 390% pay. Employees who won’t work on that day will receive 200% of their daily salary.

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